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About TechDefence

The quest for knowledge, a sense of achievement, the commitment to vision and a drive by passion had a rendezvous as TechDefence, a dream which started with Sunny Vaghela and closely shared by Himanshu. We at TechDefence realize sensitivity of information as an asset thereby making a paradigm shift towards information security as an investment for competitive edge and the business continuity.TechDefence adopts a comprehensive and a meticulously drafted approach towards information security consultancy, ethical hacking, cyber crime investigations and forensics. TechDefence being a knowledge platform also believes in sharing its domain expertise through its training programmes, public lectures, presentations and seminars.To maintain the knowledge edge at all the levels,viz. strategic,tactical and operational.TechDefence invests significant proportions of its revenues in 'techDefence Labs', a R & D division of TechDefence. This vertical caters that with which we started, the quest for knowledge and a sense on achievement.


To affirm our vision of being a global security service provider, TechDefence aims to deliver timely, efficient , quality conscious and cost effective security solutions through our team of certified security professionals to organizations across the globe and assist as well as ensure that their systems and processes are totally secure and stable from any threat whatsoever.

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