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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing:

Its always better to find one's weakness and fix it before its exploited by others. TechDefence's proven expertise in informations security and ethical hacking makes us country's one of the finest consultants for Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. techDefence does both active and passive analysis on the computer or the computer systems for any potential vulnerability. Our comprehensive understanding of software progamming, protocols, configurations etc. is reflected in our testing and assessments.

Cyber Crime Consulting:

The technical nature of cyber crimes demands for a specialized discipline to investigate for such sophisticated crimes. The volatile nature of digital evidence further adds a layer of complexity to the entire process of cyber crime Cyber crime Cyber Law consultings. We at TechDefence have a pool of experts well trained and experienced with proven track records in cyber crime Cyber crime Cyber Law consultings.

We accumulate and analyze digital evidence for cyber trails. A few of the fraud Cyber crime consultings we have dealt includes organized crimes, terrorist operations, online banking frauds, online share trading fraud, source code theft, credit card fraud, tax evasion, virus attacks, cyber sabotage, phishing attacks, email hijacking, denial of services, hacking, murder cases, defamation, pornography, extortion, smuggling etc

Cyber Law Consulting:

TechDefence Legal, the cyber laws consultancy vertical of TechDefence addresses various Cyber law requirements and issues.It is an internet based nonpareil consultancy, a entirely new concept of online consultancy, a one stop that takes care of all legal exigencies in cyberspace. techDefence Legal aspires to ensure a veridical analysis of contemporary and evolving trends in Cyber law.

Our legal experts with specialisation in India cyber laws in totality, their evolution and comparative understanding with other such contemporary laws keeps us far ahead.

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