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Secure Software Development

TechDefence Software Development Services provide full Iifecycle support, from design and architecture through development, testing and deployment. Modern software architecture is driving beyond the traditional monolithic structure with web services based approach and rich web interfaces like Ajax and Web 2.0.TechDefence thrives in the cutting edge technologies that enable business value through custom software

Software projects at TechDefence are executed as full Iifecycle projects based on software designs utilizing Agile Development methodologies, defining testing scenarios and performing QA and UAT testing as well as offline Penetration, deploying the system into production and providing ongoing maintenance and support of the production.

Requirements Analysis and Design

This phase will analyze the business needs and requirement and would eventually be the foundation of the entire project. Essentially, this phase includes the following activities in general-
  • Design/Develop a Business Case.
  • Analyze Business needs and document requirements.
  • Prioritize all functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • High level project plan and timelines
  • Design of a prototype

Software Architecture and Design

This phase will complete the system design which may include high and low level design. Setting up of change and configuration management is a part of this phase. This includes
  • High and Low level design
  • Updating project plan and use case model
  • Development of additional prototypes if necessary
  • Development of Quality plan
  • Risk management & Control
  • Setup Code & Configuration Control Tool

Development of Solution/Service

This phase is the longest phase of the development cycle which essentially builds the software based on the above two phases, it includes
  • System development
  • Integrating the application/solution with other enterprise servers (if in scope)
  • Deploy and build components as per build plans- Conducting System & Integration
  • Deploy the system in Test Environment
  • Tune system performance and iterate measurements- Define RequirementTraceability

Transition or Deployment Phase

This phase forms the last phase of the whole development cycle which essentially includes -
  • Execution of full system, performance, scalability Testing
  • Performing final UAT- Addressing any post deployment issues like training, support .maintenance etc
  • Evaluate ROI on the system developed

Post Deployment Maintenance

Post Deployment phase essentially deals with reviewing the system load and scalability issues, defect resolutions, on going defect management and reporting.

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