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  Case Studies
At 20,Sunny solved 15 cases of Cyber Crimes of Ahmedabad Crime Branch like Phishing Cases, Biggest Data Theft Case, Espionage Case, Credit Card Fraud Case, Several Orkut Fake Profile Impersonation Cases, Email Hacking Cases, SMS Spoofing Cases, Cyber Pornography Case,Cyber Terrorism Case, Several 419 Nigerian Fraud Case,etc.

Ahmedabad Blast Case Study
Sunny Vaghela helped Crime Branch, Ahmedabad to Trace origin of the Terror Mails sent during Ahmedabad Serial Bomb Blasts. Following are the details.

First Mail was sent on 26th Jully,2008 from Email Id alarbi_gujarat@yahoo.com from IP Address. which traced to Kenneth Hawood’s House at Navi Bombay.His Unsecured WIFI router was misused by terrorists to send terror mail from his router.As log system is disabled, we were unable to find out the details of the MAC address of the culprit.

Second Mail was sent on 31st July,2008 from alarbi_gujarat@yahoo.com from IP Address: which traced out to Mediacal College at Vaghodiya,Baroda,Gujarat India. It was little bit difficult to trace this mail as the mail has been sent using proxy server & fake mail script but finally I traced out the original IP address.\

Third Mail was sent on 23rd August,2008 from alarbi.alhindi@gmail.com from IP address: which traced to Khalsa College at Bombay. Again Unsecured WIFI router was misused to send an email.

Forth Mail was sent on 13th September,2008 from al_arbi_delhi@yahoo.com which traced to Kamran Power Limited at Bombay. In this case also WIFI router was misused to send the threatning mail.

 :Some Points to be noted for WIFI users while surfing Internet:

Don’t Configure WIFI Router as Unsecured Connection, It can be misused by someone.

ISP configure your phone number/mobile number as default Network Key in Router in normal case. one should change it as soon as possible if so.

If router is configured as an Unsecured Connection then enable the logging system. This helps you to get MAC (Media Access Control) address of the machines which uses your wifi router.

If router is Configured as an Unsecured Connection then kindly install packet capturing software or WLAN analyzing software so that you can keep eye on machines which gets an unauthorize your wifi router.

If router is configured as an Unsecured Connection then bind your MAC address with the router. This will only allow your laptops to get connected to router.

Protect Your SSIDS & Dont use WEP while configuring your router.

Dont ever use viral networks like "Free internet" Or "wifi" Network because those networks are designed to steal your data from laptop.
Maintain All types of Logs for atleast 6 months.

 :Some Points to be noted by ISPs:

ISP should maintain Event Log, Security Log & Surfing Activity logs for atleast 6 months so that activities of any registered subscriber can be traced out within seconds.

ISP should verify the customer information when anyone register for internet service. In many Cyber Crime Cases we found internet connection registered on fake identities/proofs.

Some ISPs have installed WIFI hotspots at Restaurants/Coffee shops/Shopping Malls/Hotels. One can buy prepaid internet card to use the service without submitting any proof or documents. ISP should asked for some photo identity proof before issuing prepaid card.

ISP should give an access to Govt. Authority & Investigation agencies to their real time dynamic IP address database so that it can be traced out within seconds.

ISP should put filtering mechanisms in their event logs for words being used like ‘al arbi’,’jihad’,’indian mujahideen’ . Govt agencies must be alerted when someone register email id with combination of any of above key words. Email Service Providers also take this into consideration.

Mumbai Blasts Case

After Mumbai Bombings, he had successfully accomplished task of getting confidential information on the banned organization JAMAT ud DAWAH for One of the investigating agencies. He was also appreciated for the same.

Phishing Case Study

One Doctor from Dehgam,Gujarat had registered a crime stating that some persons (“perpetrators”) have perpetrated certain acts through misleading emails ostensibly emanating from ICICI Bank’s email ID. Such acts have been perpetrated with an intent to defraud the Customers.

The investigation was carried out with the help of the mail received by the customer, bank account IP details & domain IP information, the place of offence at Merrut was searched for evidence.

The case was registered under section 406,419,420 of IPC & 65,66, of IT Act,2000 at D.C.B Police station which attract imprisonment of upto 3 years of jail & 2 lakh of fine which accused never thought of.

Data Theft Case Study

It could well be biggest DATA THEFT case in the country. Florida(USA) based Firm has registered crime stating that Ahmedabad based BPO had theft database from their server & illegally selling to company’s clients & competitors .They also claimed that IT company owner had taken this step in response to cancellation of business contract of development & maintenance of the company’s one of the portals.

The investigation was carried out by Sunny Vaghela with the help of mail received by company’s competitors & server of US based firm. All digital evidence was collected by Sunny & ACP, Crime Branch, Ahmedabad.

The place of offence was raided & accused had been arrested. Accused contacted more than 20 clients to sell the database. Finally all computers & media disks had been seized from him.

The case was registered under section 406,420 of IPC & 65,66,72 of IT Act,2000 at D.C.B Police station, Ahmedabad.

Cyber Stalking Case

Sunny Vaghela traced out origin of the email sent to Mr.Narendra modi,Chief Minister,Gujarat on 17th January,2009.

Orkut Profile Impersonation Case

Four girls from well known Engineering Institute of Gujarat has registered crime with Crime Branch,Ahmedabad stating that their fake profile was made on orkut & porn pics are also posted. they also stated that the person was adding their friends & using abusive language on the Internet.

The investigation was carried out by Sunny Vaghela.The case has been registered under section 419(a) & 67 of IT Act,2000 at D.C.B Police Station, Ahmedabad.

SMS Spoofing Case

One Guy named Ankit was getting SMS from his fiancée's Number for atlease 5 times a day.

The Investigation was carried out by Sunny Vaghela .IP address of the culprit was traced out within one day.The accused was found to be neighbor of Ankita.

The case was registered under section 419A ,66(a),72 of It act at D.C.B Police station
Detailed Case Study of the Biggest data Theft Case,Credit Card Fraud Case,Call forging Case, NIgerian Fraud case,job fraud case will be uploaded soon..Thanks for visiting..Please check back this page soon.

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